We would like to draw your attention to open wounds which make up more than a quarter of workplace... read more

1300apprentice WH&S Manager has passed on this great YouthSafe information. The most common risk-taking... read more

A carpentry apprentice in the WTE area suffered an eye injury recently whilst operating a compressed air nail gun. read more

WH&S - Burns

16 Dec 2011

Workplace burns can be prevented and the likelihood of serious injury can be reduced by diligently following workplace safety measures and by educating workers on workplace burn hazards. read more

Depression affects roughly 1 in 5 people at some point in their lives and is the most common form of mental illness. read more

Decision making, risk taking and even fatigue are affected by a still-maturing brain. read more

This safety alert is aimed as a reminder to those who operate elevating work platforms (EWPs) about the dangers of operating this equipment. read more

PPE checklist

07 Jan 2010

I know we all groan about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) but we all need to be reminded that PPE is there to protect you from harm in the workplace. read more

Slip, slop, slap

07 Nov 2009

The bad news: Every year more than 10,000 Australians are treated for melanoma and 1250 of these people die. Outdoor workers have a higher chance of being one of these statistics. read more

Even when you feel safe and in control you will need to adopt some smart habits so you are safe every time you get two feet off the ground. read more