Where are they now - Hallie

02 Jul 2020

The opportunity I have had to work at ANZ as been amazing.

The people at ANZ especially Charlestown are the most loving, caring, welcoming and supportive group of people I have ever had to chance to meet and work with. I have only been apart of the program for a short amount of time, and I have been able to learn so much. The staff and management are always there for assistance and teaching, but they also allow you to work independently in order for growth.

An opportunity where you are able to complete year 12, learn skills and knowledge outside of school and get paid for your work on site. It is and opportunity and experience you don’t come across very often. After the completion of my traineeship with ANZ I will be able to take my skills and knowledge in to the work force whatever it maybe. It opens the opportunity to continue working for ANZ or lead to higher qualifications.

All this wouldn’t be possible with out the support and encouragement of 1300apprentice, ANZ, ACCM and my school. Keeping me informed at all times and checking in with me to make sure I am happy, have no issues and on top of my work. - Hallie

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