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WH&S - understanding young worker, the key to safety

03 Oct 2011

Youthsafe reports that “new research shows young peoples’ brains are still developing until well into their 20s, and this can impact on workplace safety. Decision making, risk-taking and even fatigue are affected by a still-maturing brain.”

Our Field Officers now have access to the yPack which is a fresh approach to addressing young worker safety. This is an initiative developed by Youthsafe in partnership with the Group Training Association of NSW and funded under the WorkCover Assist Grants Program.

The yPack and related fact sheets help employers, apprentices, trainees and parents gain a better understanding of issues facing young workers. The pack focusses on understanding adolescent brain development and the impact this has on workplace safety. It also addresses the challenges young workers experience and strategies for managing these including communication issues, risk taking, stress and mental health, and the effects of alcohol and drugs.

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